Candle Machinery & Systems

OMP Officine Meccaniche Pontida

European candle machinery manufacturer. OMP is a customer-oriented company with 95 years of experience in the design and construction of high output, high-tech candle production machinery and systems.

Molding machines for tapers, votives, and pillars
Wax granulators
Compression systems
Hydraulic presses for pillars, balls, squares
Rotary and Mechanical presses for votives
Extruders for candles and pillars
Wax melters
Wicking machinery
Crimping machines for assembling waxed wick and sustainer
Wick waxing equipment
Milling equipment
Slurry fill systems - J.I.T. container candle manufacturing

JBN Design Inc.

U.S. made dispensers and systems for filling containers, votive cups, and molds. JBN Design equipment offers the highest degree of production flexibility. JBN Design is specialized in assisting candlemakers automate their production.

Dispensers for Gel and Paraffin
Votive and Container Racks
Crimping machines for assembling waxed wick and sustainer
Cooling Carts
Candle Enders
Taper Dipping systems

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